Pre-School Sessions

Sessions in the Woods

Sessions at Little Bear Woods are for everyone. Parents/carers attend with their children to engage in the environment and atmosphere provided at the session. At Little Bear Woods we see the importance on these bonding experiences between child and adult and everyone leaves smiling feeling calm and collected from the beautiful environment. Sessions are £8.00 and each session is 90 minutes. Parking, toilet and hot drink facilities are available on site. The environment and sessions are focused on ensuring everyone has a wonderful time whilst learning how to respect, care and enjoy the outdoor environment. There will be themes and activities set up but the children are able to explore how and where they wish to. It’s an experience and feeling like no other. We hope to see you in the woods very soon. 

What to Wear

It is important at Little Bear Woods that everyone is happy, safe and warm. We advise checking weather before hand but always bring waterproofs encase of rain. Wellies or boots and waterproof coats and trousers are essential for wet weather, or even when puddles are around. My girls have all in ones from Hippy Chick Waterproofs, they have fleece inside to keep you warm too and are so easy to wear and wash. Many companies sell these type of waterproofs they really do keep you happy. We will be mainly sheltered during sunny days but its still essential to have a sun hat and sun cream to keep safe on the warmer days too.