At Little Bear Woods we cater for all your party needs. From having birthday cake singing along to the ukulele around the fire, to themed parties to suit exactly what your little one loves the most.

Party themes consist of dinosaurs, woodland animals, mini-beasts, dens and hideaways, flowers, rainbows and if you have your own idea, run it past me and I’m sure we can develop some more ideas.

Our aim at Little Bear Woods is to create happy and lasting memories for everyone to enjoy. Food is not included for the purpose of allergies and preference but at Little Bear Woods we can organise a space for food to be laid out. Party boxes are a huge favourite. However there will be a treat on the campfire for everyone to enjoy.

Prices are £150 for 12 children. Additional children are £7 each. Party sessions last 2 1/2 hours.

We can’t wait to party like a Bear!